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    This department is HORRIBLE! These officers are so rude, ignorant and abuse their power! My situation is just too long to get into. So I will make this short. All you have to do is just call the Amherst police station and you will see problem #1! The way they answer the phone is like we are a bother and that they hate the world. Then when you try to make a complaint they either won't transfer you to the head department or they seriously hang up on You! Something needs to be done! God forbid there is actually I crime any where because they have NO clue on anything other than writing tickets! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE TOWN OF AMHERST!!°
    By Sara, January 15, 2018
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    RUN!! incompetence my lawyer was Rita and I paid $20,000 on this case and got nothing. I would have been better off representing myself. The ex cheated and abused me and all i got was the automatic 20% on child support - I have 2 special needs kids and this lawyer could not get anything i needed - all she could do was send me a bill for emails. she even made a change behind my back in the papers after i left court to get my ex to pay court costs to her instead of to me. NOW - 3 1/2 years later i am getting an abusive collection notice from Wakenight. I paid $20,000 myself and she still billed him for another $5,000. I met with the lawyer ONE TIME the day of court. i have had litigation with the ex since then at a 1/4 of the bill and favorable outcome - however i can never go back to the divorce decree and get what i lost then. so it matters who you choose - Run away fast!
    By Carol L Hargett, January 12, 2018
  • Excellent program but both parties MUST have full authority to settle. My experience Defendant had no authority, mediation was of no value.
    By Stephen Stomber, January 11, 2018
  • Russ Haugen, Jay Johnson and the support staff at Woodruff Johnson & Evans are great people to work with. I recommend them to my family and friends that need legal assistance.
    By Laura, January 03, 2018