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    Unfortunately we had a terrible experience. To begin with, the guy that did them wasn’t sure of how he was doing them. He had to send them to someone else and then kept telling us different things. When he was done with them we had to pay him $500 and pay in a crazy amount of money to the government. We ended up taking them to a different tax person to get them amended. It turns out that once they were amended that we had to pay in HALF of what we were supposed to when LOH did them for us. Once this happened to us we talked to other people too who it’s also happened to. We have a nephew that gets taxes taken out of his paycheck every week and ever since he started going to LOH he has to pay in every year. Something isn’t right and it’s not okay. I would NOT recommend people go to them and will tell people to get a second opinion on previous taxes if necessary.
    By Alyssa, June 09, 2018
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    I attribute most bad service experiences to the possibility that employees are having a bad day. The 2nd bad experience, especially when another clerk or supervisor is brought over and they are equally nasty is not a fluke. The staff are trained very poorly here. They must be overworked or had their hours cut or something. Today i waited 40 minutes in the lobby only to receive a bunch of attitude. The clerk did not understand that an out of state vehicle requires a physical VIN check to title it. The supervisor or another experienced clerk comes by and says I need to go to the police when CLEARLY the form says a police officer, BMV official, or BMV authorized dealer can fill it out. It's experiences like these that make it clear why robots have taken over most industrial jobs and now are preferred over humans for service jobs. [smh] I used to be a proponent of humans over robots. Now I'm seeing why the rest of the world embraces these machines. Go to another BMV branch. I'm never coming here again.
    By 10yr indiana resident, March 16, 2018
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    worse customer service ever fails to pay claims or provide the service paid for.
    By Will, February 17, 2018

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