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    Poor fund choices...all of my investments are dwindling down to zero, and there is nothing l can do... l am losing everything. Stay away, please.
    By Allison Johnson, May 22, 2019
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    Young uneducated advisers with one intention. Close the deal, get paid, good luck... Almost every positive review I've read about Strategic Wealth Designers were curated by employees and their friends and family. It's really simple. Go to their home page and look at the last names of the employees. You will notice that positive reviews are congruent with relatives with the same last names of the employees. I don't know who the marketing director thinks he's fooling. It's a shame that a company stoops to that low of a business practice. Educated insight has been exposed that Strategic Wealth Designers will soon be insolvent. Good luck dealing with the DOI to salvage whatever monies you will soon lose due to their financial instabilities. Such a shame Strategic Wealth Designers!
    By Becky Jamison, April 01, 2019
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    My experience with Strategic Wealth Designers been terrible. If you want to add new clients and maybe keep clients, you might want to be more professional in how you handle them. Be respectful of their time and pay attention. If I'm giving you any large sum of money, I want to know I'm getting a good deal and not dealing with a schmuck.
    By Meagan Sololmons, March 28, 2019

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