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    35 minutes ago NIGHTMARE DIVORCE AFTER HIRING CHRISTOPHER E YAEZELL $5,000.00 dollars and no RESULT! Let me start from the beginning... I decided to divorce my husband in November 2017, because he was physical, verbal, and mental abusive to my kids and I. However, the divorce is still pending (2018). I did some research online to find the best attorney for my case. I called the attorney when I was at home alone. Surprisedly he answer the phone because it was after hours. I said my name is Lisa and I was looking for a divorce attorney. Attorney Christopher E Yeazell said, “what’s going on?” I said I want to divorce my husband and he make most of the money. I used to own a laundromat in Dallas, Texas. Also, I had a house build from the ground. Then I met my husband I sold everything to marry him and relocated to Florida. During the marriage he stated he did not want me to work. Therefore, I am asking for Alimony and my husband said he was not going to pay me no alimony. Christopher said, “he can say whatever he wants to say, what he will not do, but the law says another thing. He don’t make the laws.” Do you have any more questions for me? I said, how long have you been attorney? Christopher said, for thirty years and the Judges know us well, because they see us all the time. I said, “Okay... Then you are my man! When can I come in to see you?” He said tomorrow will be fine. I said, “How much do you charge?” He said $3,500.00. The next day I hired Christopher. He charged me $3,500.00 plus $500.00 that he didn’t tell me about on the phone. Total $4,000.00. Few months later, My husband was REMOVE FROM OUR HOME BECAUSE OF DVI (Domestic Violence Injection). Ordered by the Judge. The domestic violence shelter provided me a FREE ATTORNEY through their program. Christoper said he charger $2,000.00 more to represent me in that case. However, I didn’t have money to pay him. I paid Christopher to represent my divorce case with my credit card. A month later, we went to Mediation. Christopher said I was being fair about my SETTLEMENT. However, my husband wouldn’t agree with the Alimony. Christopher never show them what my SETTLEMENT was with the properties inside our home. I was giving my husband more then I. Christopher said, “Why don’t you drop the DVI?” I WAS SHOCKED AT WHAT I WAS HEARING! The Mediator (a woman) said, (Shock looking), “Chris, I DON’T AGREE WITH THAT. WE ARE NOT IN HERE TO TALK ABOUT THE DVI, and we are not suppose to. That is another case and ordered by the JUDGE. I am not going to talk about that!!” Our case was not settle. A few months later, Christopher never called me to try and settle our case. His assistance Robin, keep asking me for documents I already given her in 2017 when I file for the divorced. Also, my husband Attorney is saying the same things. Christopher and his assistance Robin is unorganized and UNPROFESSIONAL. Consequently, causing this marriage to dragged out! THEN CHRISTOPHER HAD THE NERVE TO ASK ME FOR ANOTHER $1,000.00 DOLLARS, AND NO RESULTS...! I REPORTED MR. CHRISTOPHER E YEAZELL TO THE FLORIDA BAR AS OF NOW HE IS BEING INVESTIGATE. NEXT, HE SAID IN A LETTER HE'S WITHDRAWING FROM MY CASE. DO NOT HIRE HIM. I'M WARNING YOU! IF I COULD GIVE A ZERO IT WOULD BE. He's a crook, fraud and a compulsive liar! He told me at the mediation that I qualify for alimony. When I mentioned it to him weeks later he said, " I didn't say that. I hate it when my clients say I said something when I didn't say it!" When in fact he did say it the mediator is my witness. If Christopher website did not state he specialize in alimony I would've never called him because that's what I need. I would've called another attorney. Therefore, his website advertising is misleading to gain your business and take your money! I tried to write a review on their website and they didn't post it which is a 1 star. Which tells me the 3 reviews they do have that are 5 stars are A FAKE! Here's their website
    By Lisa Peterson, July 30, 2018
  • Excellent team and very professional. High knowledge of tax and accounting.
    By P. C., June 15, 2018
  • Great Service
    By Bob Buttens, June 12, 2018

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