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    Too many things wrong to write in a review. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE all around. Old staff was better and definately more courteous and helpful.
    By Virginia Guy, November 15, 2019
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    ZERO STARS. The one star review is misleading but you can't write a review with ZERO STARS. Don't use these people. I live out of state, bought a house in S.C. They were supposed to mail me the keys. 4 WEEKS later still no keys, no tracking number for package-NOTHING. TOTALLY INCOMPETENT. Their answer is - the mail must be slow--???? Seriously?? Find someone else.
    By Used for closing of house, October 03, 2018
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    My previous financial advisor from another company (I had a very successful 20 yr hx with them) sold his practice on retirement to this man and so went my portfolio....Horrendous 3 years with this man....substantial money losses and haphazard inconsistent investing...follows Yale endowment investments as basis for his navigation. Will flood you with superfluous articles trying to explain and support his losses. Inexperienced and wayward with his strategies. He had put in stop losses which kicked in only to have a massive repurchase before close of the same day...lost thousands. Then there was the life insurance pitch...recommending expensive life insurance policies to borrow against while charging high commission rates to purchase the policies. Don't be deceived by the road and pony show and glossy social media profiles… You will quickly see the negative impact he will have on your will be screaming with losses when you let him loose with your hard-earned dollars. The SEP IRA investing was the final draw....lost fifty cents on every dollar given in 2015-2016. Start anew with someone else...don't risk your future and hard earned monies at this office. There are plenty honest, knowledgable and diligent FP out there worth your time and trust. Still enjoying the post election landslide with him...remember once the market corrects itself you will see deep gouges, poor investment strategies and a recoup time that will be mind-boggling to you. Don't stop here, keep looking...there are wiser, more experienced, more accountable and brilliant investment brokers out there than what is here. For more commentary and insight please see my reviews in Yelp, Financial Advisors, etc.
    By JD, April 05, 2018

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