With the rapid growth of the daily deal industry, there has been a growing number of active deals in a given location on a given day. In large cities such as New York, Chicago and Toronto there are anywhere between 50 – 250 active daily deals on a given day. This means that there are numerous opportunities to purchase great deals of 50 – 90% off from retailers and service providers. It is no surprise that some category of offers come up more often than others. This is partly because some businesses have larger margins and/or low variable costs and can more easily afford to offer daily deals. As a result, these category of services often appear on The Deal Pages and if you’re not particular about who you are buying the service from, you can regularly find high quality businesses that are offering savings of 50 – 90% off the eight items in the list below. (Note: if you are concerned about the quality of the retailer or service provider, be sure to view the business’ Yelp rating to see the feedback that paying customers have provided based on their experiences)

tanning1. Tanning – On a given day you can regularly find at least tanning deal on The Deal Pages in any major city. This is especially true during the fall and winter months when the “tanning season” is the slowest. Tanning studios have the relatively high fixed cost of purchasing the tanning beds but the variable cost to run the tanning bed is relatively small. Consequently you can often find deals that offer 80 – 90% off tanning packages that range from one week to one year of unlimited tanning.

2. Massage – New and established massage parlors are often looking to build their client books and offering a discounted massage is a good way to build loyal customers. If you aren’t a regular massage seeker and don’t have a favorite masseuse, you can browse numerous offerings on The Deal Pages and explore the wide variety of disciplines that make up massage. There’s everything from traditional Thai massages to Swedish massages and often these are in the 60 – 80% discount range.

3. Waxing – Now as a male, I admit that I don’t have much experience in this department (with the exception of one armpit which was waxed as part of a charity fundraiser); however I consistently see deals for 50 – 80% off waxing services. I can imagine that waxing is the kind of experience that you might want to share only with someone you know and trust, but if you don’t mind trying somewhere and someone new, then you should browse The Deal Pages and find an offer that appeals to you. You can always check out the Yelp reviews to see what customers have shared about their experiences with a specific service provider.

facial-sw4. Facials – Spas regularly offer 60 – 80% discounts off a variety of services including facials, manicures, pedicures and a variety of other services. If you want to go out and get the full spa experience for a fraction of the price, browse the daily offerings and you’ll likely find an offer that looks good from a reputable spa.

5. Laser-Hair Removal – I’ve heard stories from friends about the ridiculously high price tag that is associated with laser hair removal. The main expense for one of these clinics is the laser and the variable cost of the technician and the operating costs are relatively low. Consequently, these places have huge margins and can offer significant discounts off their services. I’ve seen laser hair removal packages being offered up to 97% off their retail price. More commonly you see these offers in the 80 – 90% discount range. Save a boatload of cash when you’re determined to get laser-hair removal by taking advantage of a daily deal.

6. Teeth Whitening – You can often find in-home or in-clinic teeth-whitening packages in the 60 – 80% discount range. If you’re planning on getting your teeth whitened keep an eye out for these offers and you’re sure to find a great deal.

free-yoga7. Yoga – If you’re a hard-core yoga student then I can understand the value in paying full price to attend classes from your favorite instructor. If you’re new to the activity, then I’d strongly recommend that you try one of the numerous daily deal offerings that are listed on The Deal Pages on a regular basis. Not all yoga studios or yoga instructors are the same, so you should try a couple different instructors from the different yoga styles (Bikram, Moksha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, etc.) before you make a decision on which combination you like best.

8. Paintball – Depending on where you live and the weather conditions, you may not be able to regularly find a paintball deal. However, these deals frequently come up during the summer months and if you live close to indoor facilities you’ll often find daily deals from these companies trying to increase their client base. These deals typically range in the 60 – 80% discount range.

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